8/6/22    14:00 - 16:00
Model-based approaches and data-centric models for digital manufacturing I  
Minisymposium organized by Rekha Rao, Jeremy Lechman, Kevin Long, Scott Roberts, Elie Hachem and Patrick Anderson
Room: Jan Mayen 1
Chair: Rekha Rao
CoChair: Elie Hachem
Intelligent Numerical Design of Components and their Production Processes (Keynote Lecture)
Stefanie Elgeti, Sebastian Hube, Jaewook Lee and Daniel Wolff

Anomaly Forecast of Sensor Data in Energy Intensive Industries
Nidhi Sawhney, Sricharan Poundarikapuram, Denis Malov and Rafael Pacheco

Training the Layer Image Auditing System with Simulated Images in Additive Manufacturing
Jinwoo Song and Heung Soo Kim

Multiphysics modeling of coupled chemical-thermal-mechanical phenomena in polyurethane foams during manufacturing
Rekha Rao, Kevin Long, Judy Brown and Christine Roberts

Evaporative front kinetics in random 3D topologies. Application to the Lost Foam casting process
Cynthia Hayek, Elie Hachem and Rudy Valette