6/6/22    11:00 - 13:00
Mechanics of wood and biocomposites in engineering I  
Minisymposium organized by Ani Khaloian, Markus Lukacevic and Jan-Willem van de Kuilen
Room: A1 – 1
Chair: Markus Lukacevic
CoChair: Ani Khaloian
Asymptotic homogenization of the effective hygro-elastic response of oak based on microscopic images
Mohammadamin Livani, Emanuela Bosco and Akke.S.J Suiker

Computed tomography-based modelling of moisture transport and hygro-mechanical behaviour of sawn timber during kiln drying
Sara Florisson, Lars Hansson, Johannes Huber, José Couceiro and Dick Sandberg

Wood feature reconstruction for simulations using x-ray computed tomography data
Johannes A. J. Huber, Olof Broman, Johan Oj and Lars Hansson

Micromechanics of biocomposites: Stiffness upscaling from cellulose nanofibrils to natural fibers and their composites
Markus Königsberger, Markus Lukacevic and Josef Füssl

Predicting the mechanical behaviour of a natural composite: the flax fibre
Emmanuelle Richely, Hom Dhakal, Zhongyi Zhang, Johnny Beaugrand and Sofiane Guessasma