9/6/22    11:00 - 13:00
Mathematical and Numerical Modelling of COVID-19 Epidemic I  
Minisymposium organized by Luca Dede‘, Nicola Parolini and Christian Vergara
Room: Hordaland 2 (1F)
Chair: Nicola Parolini
Uncertainty quantification and identifiability of SIR-like dynamical systems for epidemiology
Lorenzo Tamellini, Chiara Piazzola and Raul Tempone

Multi-patched epidemic models with partial mobility, residency, and demography
Akuno A. O , L. Leticia Ramirez Ramirez , Chahak M , C. G. Krishnanunni , Van Hai Nguyen , Montoya J. A and Tan Bui-Thanh

System inference via field inversion for the spatio-temporal progression of infectious diseases: Studies of COVID-19 in Michigan and Mexico
Krishna Garikipati, Mariana Carrasco-Teja, Zhenlin Wang, Gregory Teichert and Xiaoxuan Zhang

A numerical set-up for the simulation of infection probability from SARS- CoV-2 in public transport vehicles
Eugenio Schillaci, Jordi Vera, Nina Morozova and Joaquim Rigola

A Multi-Physics Model for the Prediction of Coronavirus Inactivation in Populated Rooms using 222 nm Far-UVC
Andrew G Buchan, Caumaghen Sannassy, Liang Yang, Kirk D. Atkinson, David Welch and David J. Brenner

Modelling the COVID-19 pandemic: variants and vaccines
Alicja Kubik, Angel M. Ramos, Benjamin Ivorra, María Vela-Pérez and Miriam R. Ferrández