09 June 2022    11:00 - 13:00   Add
Mathematical and Computational aspects of Mixed-Dimensional Coupling Problems I
Minisymposium organized by Cécile Daversin-Catty, Ingeborg Gjerde and Luca Possenti
Room: Oslo 2 (GF)
Chair: Ingeborg Gjerde
CoChair: Luca Possenti
Finite strain poromechanics for fractured porous media
Wietse M. Boon and Jan M. Nordbotten

Linear and nonlinear 1d-3d models for flow and transport in porous media with embedded tubular networks
Timo Koch, Martin Schneider and Kent-André Mardal

3D-1D coupled problems with a PDE-constrained optimization method
Stefano Berrone, Denise Grappein, Stefano Scialň and Fabio Vicini

Forming a well-posed model of poroelasticity in the presence of fractures
Wietse M. Boon and Jan M. Nordbotten