8/6/22    11:00 - 13:00
Innovations in phase-field modeling, computation and Experimental Validation I  
Minisymposium organized by FADI Aldakheel, Yousef Heider, Thomas Wick, Roberto Alessi and WaiChing Sun
Room: Hordaland 2 (1F)
Chair: Fadi Aldakheel
Analysis of nonsmooth multigrid for phasefield brittle fracture (Keynote Lecture)
Oliver Sander, Carsten Gräser and Daniel Kienle

Phase field modelling of hydrogen assisted fracture
Emilio Martinez-Paneda, Philip Kristensen, Alireza Golahmar and Christian Niordson

Level-set topology optimization of fracture-resistance of macro structure undergoing ductile failure
Nima Noii, Hassan Ali Jahangiry, Fadi Aldakheel and Peter Wriggers

Regularised Fracture Models Based on Representative Crack Elements
Johannes Storm and Michael Kaliske

Virtual Elements for Phase Field Modelling of Fracture in K-L Plates
Bla˛ Hudobivnik, Fadi Aldakheel and Peter Wriggers