07 June 2022    16:30 - 18:30   Add
Heterogeneous material modelling: statistical characterization, digital reconstruction, and numerical simulation
Minisymposium organized by Chenfeng Li, George Stefanou and Sei-ichiro Sakata
Room: A1 – 1
Chair: Chenfeng Li
CoChair: S. Sakata
Response variability of composite structures with random spatially varying material properties
George Stefanou, Dimitrios Savvas, Iason Papaioannou and Panagiotis Gavallas

Microstructure-informed reduced modes for simulations with fully resolved modular microstructures
Martin Doškář, Jan Novák, Petr Krysl and Jan Zeman

Random field modelling of local strength in randomly arranged unidirectional FRP plate under transverse tensile loading
Sei-ichiro Sakata, George Stefanou, Shin Tanimasu and Shungo Araki

A Machine-Learning Approach for Digital Reconstruction of Heterogeneous Microstructures
Jilong Fu and Chenfeng Li

A computational framework for modelling graphene nanoplatelets
Panagiotis Gavallas, Dimitrios Savvas and George Stefanou

Image-based 3D Reconstruction and Modelling of heterogeneous battery electrode microstructure
Vinit Nagda, Artem Kulachenko, Stefan Lindström and Henrik Ekström

Strength estimation of composite material by peridynamics considering random field modelling of inclusions
Yuki Arai and Sei-ichiro Sakata