08 June 2022    14:00 - 16:00   Add
Emerging methods for large-scale and robust multidisciplinary optimization (MDO) for industrial applications I
Minisymposium organized by Jens-Dominik Mueller, Arthur Stueck and Marcus Meyer
Room: B3 + B4
Chair: Jens-Dominik Mueller
Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Lifting Surfaces: State-of-the-Art and Industrial Applications (Keynote Lecture)
Joaquim Martins

A framework approach integrating high-fidelity analysis methods for gradient-based design optimization of aircraft
Thomas Backhaus, Sebastian Gottfried, John T. Hwang, Andrei Merle and Arthur Stueck

Challenges of integrating adjoint simulations in industrial turbomachinery MDO
Jan Backhaus, Christian Voß and Christian Frey

Aeroelastic Adjoint-Based Optimisation of Highly Flexible Aircraft Wing Configuration
Michael Meheut, Marco Carini and Christophe Blondeau

LES-aided shape optimization of U-Bend channel
Russell Quadros and Jens Mueller