08 June 2022    11:00 - 13:00   Add
Discrete conservtion properties for fluid flows: from fundamentals to applications I
Minisymposium organized by N. Valle, F. X. Trias, F. Capuano, G. Coppola and R.W.C.P. Verstappen
Room: A1 – 3
Chair: N. Valle
Matrix properties associated with discrete conservation in flow simulations (Keynote Lecture)
Arthur E.P. Veldman and Gennaro Coppola

An energy-preserving unconditionally stable fractional step method on collocated grids
Daniel Santos Serrano, F. Xavier Trias Miquel, Guillem Colomer Rey and Carlos David Pérez Segarra

A modified Navier-Stokes model: Validation cases and a convergent numerical scheme
Magnus Svärd

Convergence of a finite-volume method with strong-weak imposition of boundary conditions
Anita Gjesteland and Magnus Svärd

Discrete Conservation in Meshfree Methods for Fluid Flows
Pratik Suchde