08 June 2022    11:00 - 13:00   Add
Data-driven numerical and reduced order modeling of flows I
Minisymposium organized by Nikolaus Adams and Jörg Schumacher
Room: Oslo 2 (GF)
Chair: Nikolaus Adams
Reservoir computing of three-dimensional turbulent convection
Florian Heyder and Jörg Schumacher

Data-driven thermochemical model for simulating hypersonic reacting flows
Clément Scherding, Taraneh Sayadi, Georgios Rigas, Denis Sipp and Peter J. Schmid

Modal analysis of a 3D gravitational liquid sheet
Antonio Colanera, Alessandro Della Pia, Matteo Chiatto and Luigi de Luca

Solving natural convection problems in annulus pipes using physics informed neural network
Ehsan Fattahi, Seyedalborz Manavi and Thomas Becker

Multi-fidelity modeling of single dendritic crystal growth of binary alloys
Josef M. Winter, Jakob W. J. Kaiser, Meike Tütken, Stefan Adami and Nikolaus A. Adams

A physics-based neural network for learning non-Boussinesq thermal diffusivity from numerical simulations and experiments
Diane Salim, David Sondak, Blakesley Burkhart, Miles Cranmer and Shirley Ho