07 June 2022    11:00 - 13:00   Add
Computational Structural Stability I
Minisymposium organized by Herbert A. Mang and Yeong-Bin Yang
Room: Hordaland 1 (1F)
Chair: Yeong-Bin Yang
Significance of exact geometry in stability analyses of shells
Bastian Oesterle, Florian Geiger, Manuel Fröhlich, David Forster, Ekkehard Ramm and Manfred Bischoff

A hybrid-Trefftz finite element for the postbuckling analysis of composite shell structures
Francesco S. Liguori and Antonio Madeo

Shell buckling with uncertainty quantification under limited data
Marc Fina, Werner Wagner and Freitag Steffen

Buckling and postbuckling performance of composite fuselage panels with cutouts using continuous streamline fibres
Ahmad Alhajahmad and Christian Mittelstedt

Impact of input uncertainty on film delamination driven by thermal induced instability
Nachman Malkiel and Oded Rabinovitch

Nonlinear 3D analysis of laminated composite structures using variable kinematics elements
Sander van den Broek, Mayank Patni, Aewis Hii, Peter Greaves, Paul Weaver and Alberto Pirrera