09 June 2022    16:30 - 18:30   Add
Computational Methods for Inverse Wave Problems
Minisymposium organized by Dan Givoli and Marc Bonnet
Room: Jan Mayen 1
Chair: Dan Givoli
CoChair: Marc Bonnet
Seismic Inversion and Optimal Transport (Keynote Lecture)
Bjorn Engquist

A Multi-Stage Numerical Procedure for Computing all the Parameters of Elastic scatterers from its FFP measurements
Izar Azpiroz, Helene Barucq, Julien Diaz and Rabia Djellouli

Seismic Imaging using Full Reciprocity-gap Waveform Inversion
Florian Faucher, Maarten V. de Hoop and Otmar Scherzer

Detection of Voids and Cracks with Mono- and Multi-Parameter Full Waveform Inversion
Tim Bürchner, Philipp Kopp, Stefan Kollmannsberger and Ernst Rank

Analysis of topological derivative for qualitative identification using elastic waves
Marc Bonnet

An Inverse Convolution Method for Source and Damage Detection in Periodic and Homogeneous Media
Régis Boukadia, Luca Sangiuliano, Claus Claeys, Mohamed Ichchou, Wim Desmet and Elke Deckers