07 June 2022    16:30 - 18:30   Add
Model order reduction - Challenges in engineering and industrial applications V
Minisymposium organized by Annika Robens-Radermacher, Wil Schilders, Karen Veroy and Chady Ghnatios
Room: A1 – 2
Chair: Annika Robens-Radermacher
The Relay Race Method: Application of DEM extrapolation to pharmaceutical processes
Peter Toson, Marko Matic, Stefan Enzinger, Johan Remmelgas, Dalibor Jajcevic, Thomas O‘Connor, Abdollah Koolivand, Geng Tian, Scott M. Krull and Johannes Khinast

Alternative error estimate of POD-based reduced order model for the prediction of continuous fibre-reinforced composite responses
Arada Jamnongpipatkul, Ruben Sevenois, Wim Desmet, Frank Naets and Francisco Gilabert

Structural analysis considering uncertainties using polynomial chaos expansions and proper orthogonal decomposition
Lukas Panther, Werner Wagner and Steffen Freitag

Efficient model identification using a PGD forward model - influence of surrogate accuracy and convergence approach
Annika Robens-Radermacher, Isabela Coelho Lima, Thomas Titscher and Jörg F. Unger

Equivalence of a FE numerical model and a reduced model of soil-structure interaction, defined numerically using artificial neural networks
Artur Góral, Marek Lefik and Marek Wojciechowski