9/6/22    11:00 - 13:00
The Combined Role of Modelling, Simulation, Optimization, Control and Digitalization for Solving New Computational Challenges of Aviation, Transport and Renewable Energy II  
Room: Hedmark (GF)
Chair: Jaques Periaux
An overview on future challenges of aerodynamic configuration design for distributed propulsion vehicle
Shaojun Luo, Zhili Tang, Tianzi Eng, Qianrong Ma, Jinyou Su, Gabriel Bugeda and Jacques Periaux

Transportation and the Global Spread of Infectious Disease
William Fitzgibbon and Jef.J. Morgan

Large eddy simulations of atmospheric turbulence and complex wind turbine wakes
Ning Zhao

High-fidelity CFD in the cloud as a key enabler for transport and renewable energy challenges
Charles Mockett