06 June 2022    11:00 - 13:00   Add
Advanced Methods in Computational Mechanics
Room: Oppland (1F)
Chair: Miguel Costas
Seismic performance of dissipative automated rack supported warehouses
Agnese Natali and Francesco Morelli

Seismic performance of an innovative dissipative replaceable components bracing steel frame (DRBrC)
Silvia Caprili, Francesca Mattei and Walter Salvatore

Dissipation of sound and shear waves in confined channels
Hannes Holey, Peter Gumbsch and Lars Pastewka

Aerated wave propagation and wave impacts on structures
Peter Wellens and Martin van der Eijk

Comparing three calculation methods of load distribution in radial bearings
Mario C. Ricci

Dynamic behaviour and stability of localized bipenalty formulation in contact-impact problems
Radek Kolman, José A. González, Ján Kopačka, Radim Dvořák and K.C. Park