7/6/22    11:00 - 13:00
Deep Learning Approaches for Applied Sciences and Engineering IV  
Minisymposium organized by M. Giselle Fernández-Godino, Charles F. Jekel and Christian Gogu
Room: Jan Mayen 3
Chair: M. Giselle Fernandez-Godino
Development of the Defects Detection System for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic by Using Infrared Stress Analysis and Machine Learning
Yuta Kojima, Kenta Hirayama, Katsuhiro Endo, Kazuya Hiraide, Mayu Muramatsu and Yoshihisa Harada

Health indicator learning for predictive maintenance based on a triplet loss and deep siamese network
Etienne Jules, Cecille Mattrand and Jean-Marc Bourinet

Understanding Vehicle Reliability and Safety with Multivariate Sensory Data: A Tire Wear Case Study
Thabang Lebese, Cécile Mattrand, David Clair, Jean-Marc Bourinet, François Deheeger and Rodrigue Decatoire

Application of multiresolution analysis and deep learning to obtain failure pressure of corroded pipelines
Adriano D. Marques Ferreira, Silvana M. Bastos Afonso and Ramiro B. Willmersdorf

Remaining Useful Life prediction with a Deep Self-Supervised Learning Approach
Anass Akrim, Christian Gogu, Rob Vingerhoeds and Michel Salaün

A framework for neural network based constitutive modelling of inelastic solid materials
Eugenio J. Muttio-Zavala, Reem Alhayki, Wulf G. Dettmer and Djordje Peric