06 June 2022    16:30 - 18:30   Add
Advanced Computational Design and Manufacturing Simulation of Novel Materials and Structures III
Minisymposium organized by Eric Li, Bing LI, ZC He, QQ Li, Fei Wu, ZQ Zheng and Yi Wu
Room: A1 – 6
Chair: Eric Li
Computational Design and Simulation of Acoustic/Mechanical Metamaterials with Efficient Algorithms (Keynote Lecture)
Eric Li and ZC He

Modeling of the Thermal Field in Fused Deposition Modeling
Jan Voříšek, Bořek Patzák, Martin Horák and Pavel Padevět

De-homogenization of Stiffness Optimal Infill for Additive Manufacturing
Peter D. L. Jensen, Ole Sigmund, Niels Aage and Fengwen Wang

Damping Optimization of Viscoelastic Cantilever Beams and Plates Under Free Vibration
Antoni Joubert, Gregoire Allaire, Samuel Amstutz and Julie Diani

Determination of the forming limit diagram of the multilayer sandwich plates with numerical simulation of the Nakazima test
Konrad Perzynski, Lukasz Madej and Janusz Majta