8/6/22    16:30 - 18:30
Multiphase flows with surface tension and capillarity III  
Minisymposium organized by Julien Bruchon, Nicolas Moulin, Modesar Shakoor and Luisa Silva
Room: A1 – 1
Chair: Luisa Silva
An implicit-explicit lagrange projection splitting scheme with capillarity effects and wetting
Lucas Tallois, Simon Peluchon and Philippe Villedieu

Simulation of Coated Bubbles in Cavitation
Ahmed Basil KOTTILINGAL and Stephane Zaleski

Effect of surfactants on the flow dynamics of liquid drops in complex microchannel geometries
Paula Pico, Lyes Kahouadji and Omar K. Matar

The impact of slip for regime transitions in capillary rise
Suraj Raju, El Assad Ouro-Koura, Joël De Coninck, Dieter Bothe and Mathis Fricke

Statistical upscaling from numerical simulations of transient two-phase flow within random fibrous media
Aubin Geoffre, Nicolas Moulin, Sylvain Drapier and Julien Bruchon

Numerical study of droplet behaviour in complex flow conditions using an optimised feedback deceleration technique (FDT)
Veronika Krämer, Martin Rohde, Sebastian Burgmann, Simon Rentschler, Christopher Holzknecht, Christoph Gmelin and Uwe Janoske

Capillary Droplet Breakup and the Influence of Wetting
Patrick Giefer and Udo Fritsching