7/6/22    16:30 - 18:30
Complex fluid flow in engineering: modeling, simulation and optimization V  
Minisymposium organized by Fabian Key, Marek Behr and Stefanie Elgeti
Room: B3 + B4
Chair: Stefanie Elgeti
Shape Optimisation of Turbomachinery Components
Bernhard Semlitsch

Comparison of gradient-based and genetic algorithms for infinite-swept wing airfoil shape optimization
Daniel Simanowitsch, Anand Sudhi, Alexander Theiss, Camli Badrya and Stefan Hein

Optimising the Design and Operation of Ultrasound-based Flow Meters using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Mario J. Rincon, Martino Reclari and Abkar Mahdi

Topology optimization of turbulent flow manifolds
Lukas C. Høghøj, Ole Sigmund and Casper Schousboe Andreasen

Topology optimization of conjugate heat transfer in microchannel heatsinks
Brice Rogie and Casper Schousboe Andreasen

Topography optimisation for parallel plate heat exchangers
Yupeng Sun and Joe Alexandersen