07 June 2022    16:30 - 18:30   Add
Biological fluid mechanics: modeling, simulation, and analysis V
Minisymposium organized by Boyce Griffith, Sookkyung Lim and Sarah Olson
Room: Sør – Norge (GF)
Chair: Thomas Fai
Functional implications of renal adaptations in gestational hypertension
Melissa Stadt and Anita Layton

Fluid dynamics of the whole human heart: a multiphysics and multiscale computational model
Alberto Zingaro, Luca Dede‘ and Alfio Quarteroni

A Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Modality Approach to Optimise Perfusion in Vascular Stent-Grafts
Scott Black, Craig Maclean, Pauline Hall Barrientos, Konstantinos Ritos and Asimina Kazakidi

Hemodynamics in healthy and pathological thoracic aorta: integration of in-vivo data in CFD simulations and in in-vitro experiments
Alessandro Mariotti , Emanuele Vignali, Emanuele Gasparotti, Pietro Marchese, Mario Morello, Maria Vittoria Salvetti and Simona Celi

Variability of atrial blood stasis estimates from patient-specific CFD simulations
Eduardo Duran, Manuel Garcia-Villalba, Oscar Flores, Pablo Martinez-Legazpi, Alejandro Gonzalo, Elliot McVeigh, Andrew M. Kahn, Javier Bermejo and Juan C. del Alamo

Pulmonary hypertension assessed using a fluid mechanics model
Mette Olufsen, Michelle Bartolo, Mitchel Colebank, Naomi Chesler and Nick Hill