7/6/22    11:00 - 13:00
Model order reduction - Challenges in engineering and industrial applications IV  
Minisymposium organized by Annika Robens-Radermacher, Wil Schilders, Karen Veroy and Chady Ghnatios
Room: A1 – 2
Chair: Annika Robens-Radermacher
CoChair: Karen Veroy
Model Order Reduction for State-Space Neural Networks
Anna Shalova

Model order reduction applied to a transient heat transfer simulation of a Selective Laser Melting process
mohamed amine ben yahmed and frank naets

PGD model with domain mapping of bead-on-plate weld simulation for wire arc additive manufacturing
Dominic Strobl, Annika Robens-Radermacher, Chady Ghnatios, Michael Rethmeier, Andreas Pittner and Jörg F. Unger

A stochastic interface scheme for mechanical substructuring problems with large interfaces: an application in electronics
Frank Naets and Sander Neeckx

On the stability of PGD reduced-order models for structural dynamics applications
Clément Vella and Serge Prudhomme