7/6/22    11:00 - 13:00
Mechanics of wood and biocomposites in engineering IV  
Minisymposium organized by Ani Khaloian, Markus Lukacevic and Jan-Willem van de Kuilen
Room: A1 – 1
Chair: Markus Lukacevic
CoChair: Franziska Seeber
Quantification of spatial inhomogeneous material properties: Wooden laser scanned fibre deviations modelled by Gaussian processes
Catharina Czech, Franziska Seeber, Fabian Duddeck and Ani Khaloian Sarnaghi

Parameter identification for a cross-laminated timber slab by Bayesian inference
Michael Kawrza, Thomas Furtmüller and Christoph Adam

Generation of artificial timber boards with realistic appearance for application of deep-learning algorithms in the wood manufacturing industry
Tadios Habite, Anders Olsson and Osama Abdeljaber

Multi-objective optimization for understanding tree design rules with finite element modelling.
Ezequiel Moreno-Zapata, José M. Cabrero-Ballarín, Germán Ramos-Ruiz and Gustavo Vargas-Silva

Finite element analysis of natural fibre composites under impact loading
Simonetta Boria, Giulia Del Bianco and Valentina Giammaria

A micromechanics-informed beam model of growing wood structures
Antonia Wagner and Stefan Scheiner