7/6/22    11:00 - 13:00
Biological fluid mechanics: modeling, simulation, and analysis IV  
Minisymposium organized by Boyce Griffith, Sookkyung Lim and Sarah Olson
Room: Sør – Norge (GF)
Chair: Owen Lewis
Secondary flow in helical square ducts with cochlea-like curvature and torsion
Noëlle C. Harte, Dominik Obrist, Marco D. Caversaccio and Wilhelm Wimmer

Development of a Fluid-Structure Interaction Model to Capture Displacements During Flow Through Deformable Bodies
Aleksander Sinek, Mateusz Mesek, Marek Rojczyk, Wojciech Adamczyk, Jan Juszczyk, Ziemowit Ostrowski and Ryszard Bialecki

Neuromechanical wave resonance in fluid pumping
Alexander Hoover

Impact of flow rate on wall vibration in intracranial aneurysms
David Bruneau, Kristian Valen Sendstad and David Steinman

Characterization of left atrial flow patterns by proper orthogonal decomposition in universal atrial coordinates
Jorge Dueñas-Pamplona, Alejandro Gonzalo, Savannah Bifulco, Patrick Boyle, Elliot McVeigh, Andrew M. Kahn, Pablo Martínez-Legapzi, Javier Bermejo, José Sierra-Pallares, Manuel García-Villalba, Óscar Flores, Javier García García and Juan Carlos del Álamo