08 June 2022    16:30 - 18:30   Add
Recent developments and current issues in the phase-field modeling of fracture III
Minisymposium organized by Dhananjay Phansalkar, Paras Kumar, Pietro Carrara, Sigrid Leyendecker, Julia Mergheim, Laura De Lorenzis and Paul Steinmann
Room: Romerike (GF)
Chair: Patrick Kurzeja
Dynamic phase-field fracture with a first-order discontinuous Galerkin method for elastic waves (Keynote Lecture)
Christian Wieners and Kerstin Weinberg

Phase field model for simulating fracture of ice
Rabea Sondershaus and Ralf Müller

A unified phase-field model of fracture in rate-dependent materials
Franz Dammaß, Marreddy Ambati and Markus Kästner

Phase-field modeling of large strain ductile fracture: an AT1 effective stress approach
Alessandro Marengo and Umberto Perego

A numerical framework for the electro-mechanical analysis of conductive tracks in printed electronics
Britt Cordewener, Jeroen Knippenberg, Marc Geers and Joris Remmers