6/6/22    16:30 - 18:30
Modeling and simulation of highly flexible slender structures III  
Minisymposium organized by Martin Arnold, Olivier Brüls, Elena Celledoni, Brynjulf Owren, Damien Durville, José Escalona, Johannes Gerstmayr, Gordan Jelenić, Sigrid Leyendecker, Joachim Linn, Tomaž Šuštar , Olivier Thomas and Dejan Zupan
Room: A1 – 3
Chair: Damien Durville
A geometric nonsmooth modelling approach for braiding processes
Indrajeet Patil, Alejandro Cosimo, Facundo Cosimo and Olivier Brüls

Simulation of Frictional Contact Interactions Between Heddles and Yarns Withing Jacquard Harness of Weaving Looms for 3D Interlock Fabrics
Salah Eddine Mermouli, Pietro Del Sorbo, Damien Durville, Bastien Tranquart and Dominique Coupé

Velocity-based beam model for non-linear analysis of frame-likestructures with efficient consideration of strain localization
Sudhanva Kusuma Chandrashekhara and Dejan Zupan

Asymptotically based simulation of the Stokes flow in a layer through periodic flexural plates made of beams
Maxime Krier and Julia Orlik

An Elastica Robot: Tip control in tendon-driven elastic arms
Ramsharan Rangarajan and Poornakanta Handral

Nondimensionalized approach for flexible body motion with time-varying length and variable boundary
Riko Ogawara, Yoshiaki Terumichi and Stefan Kaczmarczyk