06 June 2022    16:30 - 18:30   Add
Model order reduction - Challenges in engineering and industrial applications III
Minisymposium organized by Annika Robens-Radermacher, Wil Schilders, Karen Veroy and Chady Ghnatios
Room: A1 – 2
Chair: Annika Robens-Radermacher
Model Reduction for Explicit Finite Elements in Crash Applications
Mathias Lesjak and Fabian Duddeck

Using Digital Twins for Predicitive Maintenance
Julian Henning and Karsten Urban

On the invariant subspaces of deep learning-based reduced order models in MEMS
Giorgio Gobat, Stefania Fresca, Andrea Opreni, Andrea Manzoni and Attilio Frangi

Data-driven models for shrinkage porosity prediction in aluminium casting
Madyen Nouri, Julien Artozoul, Aude Caillaud, Amine Ammar, Francisco Chinesta and Ole Köser

Surrogate Models for CFD Simulations Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
Matthias Eichinger, Viktor Grimm, Alexander Heinlein and Axel Klawonn