06 June 2022    16:30 - 18:30   Add
Continuum Biomechanics of Active Systems III
Minisymposium organized by Tim Ricken, Oliver Röhrle and Silvia Budday
Room: Lounge A2
Chair: Oliver Röhrle
CoChair: Lena Lambers
A multi-filament model of the ciliary axoneme with beating driven by dynamic instability
Louis Woodhams and Philip Bayly

A computational model of self-organized shape dynamics of active surfaces in fluids
Lucas D. Wittwer, Mirco Bonati, Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich and Sebastian Aland

Relocation of VEGFR2 and integrin during adhesion and spreading of endothelial cells
Mattia Serpelloni, Matteo Arricca, Claudia Bonanno, Cosetta Ravelli, Elisabetta Grillo, Stefania Mitola and Alberto Salvadori

Active self-organization in actin-cytoskeleton
Waleed Ahmad Mirza, Marino Arroyo, Alejandro Torres Sanchez, Marco de Corato, Marco Pensalfini and Guillermo Vilanova

Soft adhesion and decohesion dynamics of fluid membranes mediated by mobile binders
Pradeep K. Bal, Dimitri Kaurin and Marino Arroyo

How mechanobiology captures receptor clustering on lipid rafts during ligand binding
Luca Deseri