09 June 2022    11:00 - 13:00   Add
Advances in shock capturing strategies for high order methods III
Minisymposium organized by Jonas Zeifang, Deep Ray and Andrea Beck
Room: Svalbard
Chair: Andres Rueda-Ramirez
Implicit LES of the Transonic Flow Over A High-Pressure Turbine Cascade using DG Subcell Shock Capturing
Bjoern F. Klose, Christian Morsbach, Michael Bergmann and Edmund Kügeler

High-order, high-fidelity simulation of unsteady shock-wave/boundary layer interaction using flux reconstruction
Nicolas Goffart, Benoît Tartinville, Kunal Puri, Charles Hirsch and Sergio Pirozzoli

Unstructured high-order solutions of hovering rotors with and without ground effect
Paulo A. S. F. Silva, Panagiotis Tsoutsanis, Antonis F. Antoniadis and Karl Jenkins

A three-dimensional FVC scheme on non-uniform tetrahedron meshes: application to the 3D Euler equation
Moussa Ziggaf, Imad Kissami, Mohamed Boubekeur, Fayssal Benkhaldoun and Imad El mahi

Robustness and consistency of potentially-stiff multi-way pressure couplings in compressible multi-fluid models
Antoine Llor, Eric Heulhard de Motigny and Bastien Manach-Perennou

A posteriori MOOD limiting approach for multicomponent flows on unstructured meshes
Panagiotis Tsoutsanis and Pericles Farmakis