6/6/22    14:00 - 16:00
Uncertainty Quantification in material sciences II  
Minisymposium organized by Florent Pled, Christophe Desceliers, Maarten Arnst and Christian Soize
Room: B1 – 1
Chair: Florent Pled
CoChair: Maarten Arnst
Data-driven finite element method for diffusion and transport problems
Adriana Kulikova, Andrei G. Shvarts, Lukasz Kaczmarczyk and Chris J. Pearce

A statistical approach for permeability prediction in random fibrous media : influence of morphological parameters and fluid slip
Aubin Geoffre, Nicolas Moulin, Sylvain Drapier and Julien Bruchon

Stochastic analysis of spatially distributed out-of-plane fibre waviness in cfrp materials
Andreas Schuster

Can we separate individual variability from experimental noise ? a sensitivity study of mixed-effects models
Clément Laboulfie, Loïc Brevault , Mathieu Balesdent, Sébastien Da Veiga, François-Xavier Irisarri , Rodolphe Le Riche and Jean-François Maire

Interval field methods with local gradient control
Conradus van Mierlo, Matthias Faes and David Moens