09 June 2022    16:30 - 18:30   Add
Robust and reliable numerical methods in poromechanics II
Minisymposium organized by Fleurianne Bertrand and Jakub Both
Room: A1 – 6
Chair: Jakub Both
CoChair: Fleurianne Bertrand
Abstract stability result for perturbed saddle-point problems: Construction and analysis of iterative splitting schemes and preconditioners in poromechanics
Johannes Kraus, Qingguo Hong, Maria Lymbery and Fadi Philo

A multigrid method for the Biot system of poroelasticity on logically rectangular grids
Javier Zaratiegui , Carmen Rodrigo, Andrés Arrarás and Laura Portero

Splitting schemes for different poromechanics models
Florin A. Radu

Reverse constraint preconditioning for poromechanical simulations in fractured media
Massimiliano Ferronato, Andrea Franceschini, Matteo Frigo and Carlo Janna

Parameter-robust monolithic solvers for Stokes-Darcy/Biot systems
Wietse Boon, Martin Hornkjĝl, Timo Koch, Miroslav Kuchta, Kent-Andre Mardal and Ricardo Ruiz-Barier

A review of coupling strategies for modeling fluid flow and geomechanics
Roberto Quevedo and Deane Roehl