08 June 2022    14:00 - 16:00   Add
Recent developments and current issues in the phase-field modeling of fracture II
Minisymposium organized by Dhananjay Phansalkar, Paras Kumar, Pietro Carrara, Sigrid Leyendecker, Julia Mergheim, Laura De Lorenzis and Paul Steinmann
Room: Romerike (GF)
Chair: Paras Kumar
CoChair: Stephan Wulfinghoff
On the generalization of gradient-based models from 1d to 3d: Curvature-dependence of phase-field modeling of brittle fracture
Patrick Kurzeja, Kai Langenfeld and Jörn Mosler

Continuous-discontinuous modeling of crack growth with the thick level set method
L.A.T. Mororó, A. Poot and F.P. van der Meer

A phase-field framework for cohesive fracture
Henning Lammen and Jörn Mosler

Phase-field modeling of brittle fracture in heterogeneous bars
Pietro Carrara, Francesco Freddi and Laura De Lorenzis

Numerical modeling of fracture propagation in bi-layered materials using an adaptively refined phase-field method
Salman Khan, Alba Muixí, Chandrasekhar Annavarapu and Antonio Rodríguez-Ferran

A Hybrid High Order method for gradient damage models
David Siedel, Helfer Thomas, Fandeur Olivier, Besson Jacques, Forest Samuel and Ammar Kais