6/6/22    14:00 - 16:00
Recent advances in immersed boundary and fictitious domain methods II  
Minisymposium organized by Alexander Idesman, Guglielmo Scovazzi , Antonia Larese , Riccardo Rossi , André Massing, Santiago Badia and Francesc Verdugo
Room: Jan Mayen 1
Chair: Andre Massing
Optimal Local Truncation Error Method for Solution of PDEs on Irregular Domains and Interfaces with Optimal Accuracy and Unfitted Cartesian Meshes (Keynote Lecture)
Alexander Idesman

Comparison of stabilization techniques for CutDG methods
Maximilian Bergbauer, Peter Munch, André Massing, Martin Kronbichler and Wolfgang A. Wall

Topology-preservation, residual-based error estimation and adaptivity for scan-based immersed isogeometric analysis
S.C. Divi, C.V. Verhoosel, F. Auricchio, A. Reali and E.H. van Brummelen

Higher Order Unfitted Space-time Finite Element Methods for PDEs on Moving Domains
Fabian Heimann, Janosch Preuß and Christoph Lehrenfeld

Unfitted mixed finite element methods
Guosheng Fu, Christoph Lehrenfeld and Tim van Beeck