07 June 2022    16:30 - 18:30   Add
Polygonal and Polyhedral Discretizations For Partial Differential Equations II
Minisymposium organized by Joe Bishop, Michele Botti, Gianmarco Manzini and N. Sukumar
Room: Rogaland (GF)
Chair: Gianmarco Manzini
CoChair: Michele Botti
A polyhedral finite element formulation using projected gradients and the dual basis with applications to nonlinear solid mechanics
Joseph Bishop

General mesh discontinuous Galerkin methods and adaptivity
Andrea Cangiani, Zhaonan Dong and Emmanuil H. Georgoulis

A Mixed Finite Element Formulation for Arbitrary Element Geometries and Nearly-Incompressible Finite Elasticity
Bjorn Sauren, Simon Klarmann and Sven Klinkel

The MH2M method
Franklin Barros, Alexandre Madureira and Frederic Valentin

An h-multigrid method for Hybrid High-Order discretizations
Daniele A. Di Pietro, Frank Hülsemann, Pierre Matalon, Paul Mycek, Ulrich Rüde and Daniel Ruiz

Energy-Momentum Preserving Time Integration Schemes for Petrov-Galerkin EAS Mixed Finite Elements
Robin Pfefferkorn, Antonio J. Gil, Rogelio Ortigosa and Peter Betsch

Efficient Solvers based on Hybrid High Order (HHO) methods for flow simulations in fractured rocks
Alexandre Ern, Florent Hédin, Géraldine Pichot and Nicolas Pignet