06 June 2022    14:00 - 16:00   Add
Multiscale modeling of concrete and concrete structures - in honor of the 80th birthday of Prof. Herbert A. Mang II
Minisymposium organized by Bernhard Pichler, Yong Yuan and Günther Meschke
Room: Akershus (1F)
Chair: Günther Meschke
Multiscale mechanics of dental cement paste
Petr Dohnalik, Bernhard Pichler, Luis Zelaya-Lainez, Olaf Lahayne, Gilles Richard and Christian Hellmich

Simulating Concrete Failure Using the Microplane (M7) Constitutive Model and Correspondence-Based Peridynamics: Validation and Extension to Fracture and Fragmentation
Yuri Bazilevs

A LCP formulation for the fracture analysis of concrete using zero-thickness interface elements
Caterina Biscaro, Giovanna Xotta and Ignacio Carol

Multiscale analysis of elastic stiffness properties sodium hydroxide-activated slag pastes coupling thermodynamic modeling and micromechanical modeling
Luise Göbel, Markus Königsberger, Ali Naqi and Stéphanie Staquet

Multiphysics modeling of concrete: improved description of the hygro-mechanical coupling of shrinkage and creep
Andreas Brugger, Peter Gamnitzer and Günter Hofstetter

Synthesis of multiscale simulations and 3d-scanning for the characterization of freeze-thaw damage in concrete
Jithender J. Timothy, Alexander Haynack, Thomas Kränkel and Christoph Gehlen