8/6/22    14:00 - 16:00
Multi-fidelity methods for uncertainty quantification and optimization II  
Minisymposium organized by Lorenzo Tamellini, Matteo Diez, John Jakeman and Alex Gorodetsky
Room: Spitsbergen
Chair: Alex Gorodetsky
Multifidelity uncertainty quantification for non-deterministic models
Bryan W. Reuter, Gianluca Geraci, Timothy M. Wildey and Michael S. Eldred

Goal-oriented adaptive MLMC for elliptic random PDEs
Joakim Beck, Yang Liu, Erik von Schwerin and Raul Tempone

Multilevel Delayed Acceptance MCMC: Cascading Distributions, Variance Reduction and Adaptive Error Models
Mikkel B. Lykkegaard, Tim J. Dodwell, Colin Fox, Grigorios Mingas and Robert Scheichl

A combination technique for optimal control problems under uncertainty
Fabio Nobile and Tommaso VanzanE

Surrogates in PDE-constrained one-shot optimization under uncertainty
Philipp A. Guth, Claudia Schillings and Simon Weissmann

A CFD-based multi-fidelity surrogate model for prediction of flow parameters in a ventilated room
Nina Morozova, F. Xavier Trias, Valdimir Vanovskiy, Carles Oliet and Evgeny Burnaev