8/6/22    14:00 - 16:00
Modelling of environment-assisted fracture II  
Minisymposium organized by Haiyang Yu and Zhiliang Zhang
Room: Buskerud (1F)
Chair: Xuewei Li
CoChair: Haiyang Yu
Towards a better understanding of hydrogen embrittlement in austenitic steels: the role of hydrogen characteristics and fracture mechanisms (Keynote Lecture)
Lisa Claeys, Kim Verbeken and Tom Depover

Ductile-brittle transition in ultrahigh-strength steels – estimation & application
Sakari Pallaspuro, Yang Li, Haiyang Yu, Zhiliang Zhang and Jukka Kömi

Hydrogen induced degradation in lattice material
Danial Molavitabrizi, Haiyang Yu and S. Mahmoud Mousavi

Modelling mechanical behavior of steel in marine environment
Goran Vukelic, Goran Vizentin and Darko Pastorcic