6/6/22    16:30 - 18:30
Advances in structure-preserving methods and applications I  
Minisymposium organized by Joubine Aghili and Francesco Bonaldi
Room: Buskerud (1F)
Chair: Joubine Aghili
CoChair: Francesco Bonaldi
Flexible weights for high order Whitney forms (Keynote Lecture)
Ana Alonso Rodriguez, Ludovico Bruni Bruno and Francesca Rapetti

Structure-preserving discretizations and preconditioning for incompressible MHD models
Fabian Laakmann, Patrick E. Farrell, Kaibo Hu and Lawrence Mitchell

Computational fluid dynamics with discrete exterior calculus
Pankaj Jagad, Abdullah Abukhwejah2, Bhargav Mantravadi, Minmiao Wang and Ravi Samtaney

On Geometric PIC-like discretizations of Lie-Poisson brackets
William Barham, Philip Morrison and Eric Sonnendruecker

Continuum semiconductor physics model compression via Data-driven Discrete Exterior Calculus
Andy Huang, Nathaniel Trask, Jonas Actor, Xiaozhe Hu, Ravi Patel, Xujiao Gao and Christopher Brissette

A framework for implementing general higher order virtual element spaces
Andreas Dedner and Alice Hudson