08 June 2022    16:30 - 18:30   Add
Model-based approaches and data-centric models for digital manufacturing II
Minisymposium organized by Rekha Rao, Jeremy Lechman, Kevin Long, Scott Roberts, Elie Hachem and Patrick Anderson
Room: Jan Mayen 1
Chair: Patrick Anderson
CoChair: Jeremy Lechman
The conforming transient h-r unstructured adaptive mesh refinement (cThruAMR) method for multiphysics simulations of manufacturing processes
David R. Noble

A real-time variational data assimilation method with hybrid modelling: Application to additive manufacturing
Willy Haik, Yvon Maday and Ludovic Chamoin

Data-driven analysis of failure mechanisms in FDM printed parts
Joris Remmers, Sifra Kramer, Luc van de Plas and Hans Gommans

Modeling Influences of Printing Defects on Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured Silicone Structures
Craig M. Hamel, Kevin N. Long, Devin Roach and Adam W. Cook

Simulation of the direct ink write process using finite elements and cThruAMR
Alec Kucala, Rekha Rao and Anne Grillet

Crystallization modeling for polymer injection molding in a space-time framework
Blanca Ferrer Fabón, Linda Gesenhues and Marek Behr

Studying fracture and yield surfaces of granular systems using mesoscale particle-based models
Joel Clemmer, Dan Bolintineanu, Judith Brown and Jeremy Lechman