06 June 2022    14:00 - 16:00   Add
Model order reduction - Challenges in engineering and industrial applications II
Minisymposium organized by Annika Robens-Radermacher, Wil Schilders, Karen Veroy and Chady Ghnatios
Room: A1 – 2
Chair: Wil Schilders
On the application of interpolation multipoint constraints within the floating frame of reference for the reduction of flexible multibody systems
Alessandro Cammarata, Pietro Maddìo and Rosario Sinatra

Model order reduction for large-scale coupled problems with application to thermo-mechanical reliability analysis
Pascal den Boef, Jos Maubach, Wil Schilders and Nathan van de Wouw

Computationally efficient controller design for drilling automation using reduced order models
Sajad Naderi Lordejani and Wil Schilders

Abstracted structure-preserving reduction of interconnected structural models
Luuk Poort, Rob Fey, Bart Besselink and Nathan van de Wouw

Model reduction for variational inequalities
Idrissa Niakh, Alexandre Ern, Virginie Ehrlacher and Guillaume Drouet

Reduced-order modeling methods for the construction of virtual charts in nonlinear dynamics
Alexandre Daby-Seesaram, Amélie Fau, Pierre-Étienne Charbonnel and David Néron