08 June 2022    14:00 - 16:00   Add
Mechanics of soft, multifunctional materials: Experiment, modeling and simulation II
Minisymposium organized by Mokarram Hossain, Daniel Garcia-Gonzalez and Ruike Zhao
Room: B1 2
Chair: Jesus Martinez-Frutoz
CoChair: Daniel Garcia-Gonzalez
On thermo-electro-viscoelasticity of dielectric elastomers: A comprehensive experimental study meets numerical modelling
Mokarram Hossain, Markus Mehnert and Paul Steinmann

A variational-based mixed finite element formulation for liquid crystal elastomers
Michael Gross, Julian Dietzsch and Francesca Concas

Thymos - A portable open hardware testing device
Jan Novak, Jan Havelka and Jozef Michalek

Taut domain analysis of transversely isotropic dielectric elastomer membranes
Aman Khurana, Giuseppe Zurlo and Manish M. Joglekar

Dynamic modeling of a soft pneumatic actuator
Rebecca Berthold and Stephanie Kahms

Electro-mechanical aging of 3D printed PLA conductive composites
Javier Crespo, Daniel Garcia, Juan Manuel Martinez, Guillermo Robles and Angel Arias