8/6/22    14:00 - 16:00
Discrete conservtion properties for fluid flows: from fundamentals to applications II  
Minisymposium organized by N. Valle, F. X. Trias, F. Capuano, G. Coppola and R.W.C.P. Verstappen
Room: A1 – 3
Chair: R.W.C.P Verstappen
Linear and quadratic invariants preserving discretization of Euler equations
Gennaro Coppola and Arthur E. P. Veldman

High order entropy split methods employing compact central spatial discretizations
Bjorn Sjogreen and H.C. Yee

An assessment of various discretizations of the energy equation in compressible flows
Carlo De Michele and Gennaro Coppola

Variational approaches to various numerical schemes for fluid and multi-fluid flows with geometry--energy--entropy compatibility
Antoine Llor

Energy-preserving stable computations of high-pressure supercritical fluids turbulence
Marc Ollé-Bernades, Francesco Capuano, F. Xavier Trias and Lluís Jofre

A fully-discrete entropy conserving/stable discretization for inviscid unsteady flows
Alessandro Colombo, Andrea Crivellini and Alessandra Nigro