09 June 2022    16:30 - 18:30   Add
Current Trends in Modelling and Simulation of Turbulent Flows II
Minisymposium organized by Suad Jakirlic
Room: B3 + B4
Chair: Suad Jakirlic
CoChair: Sebastian Wegt
Validation on a new anisotropic four-parameter turbulence model for low Prandtl number fluids
Lucia Sirotti, Giacomo Barbi, Andrea Chierici, Valentina Giovacchini and Sandro Manservisi

Near-wall Reynolds stress modelling based on elliptic blending: physical rationale and application to separated flows
Sebastian Wegt, Robert Maduta and Suad Jakirlic

Development of a discontinuous Galerkin solver for the simulation of turbine stages
Alessandro Colombo, Antonio Ghidoni, Edoardo Mantecca, Gianmaria Noventa, Stefano Rebay and David Pasquale

Assessment of numerical frameworks for turbulence transition modelling in pulsatory flows
Philipp Milovic, Igor Karšaj and Željko Tuković

Simulation of massively separated flows and rotating machine flows using hybrid models
Florian Miralles, Bastien Sauvage, Alexey Duben, Vladimir Bobkov, Tatiana Kozubskaya, Stephen Wornom, Bruno Koobus and Alain Dervieux