8/6/22    14:00 - 16:00
Computational Analysis of Advanced Materials and Structures II  
Minisymposium organized by Efstathios E. Theotokoglou and Ioannis K. Giannopoulos
Room: A1 – 4
Chair: S. Tveit
CoChair: K. Anam
Computationally efficient simulation of low velocity impact and compression after impact response in laminated composites
Khairul Anam, Melanie Todt and Heinz E. Pettermann

Integrated deep drawing and high-cycle fatigue analysis using a continuous-time approach
Sigbjřrn Tveit, Aase Reyes and Emrah Erduran

Investigation of higher harmonic Lamb waves for facilitating delamination characterization
Akhilendra Gangwar and Dhanashri M. Joglekar

Non-deterministic characterization of the damage tolerance of metal/composite structure
Stephanie TerMaath and Corey Arndt

Influence of doping atoms on twinning stress in Ni2MnGa alloy
Petr Šesták, Martin Heczko and Martin Zelený

Quantification of geometrically non-linear cross-sectional deformations for wind turbine rotor blades
Julia Gebauer and Claudio Balzani