06 June 2022    14:00 - 16:00   Add
Challenges and progress in computational science and engineering: from industry 4.0 to sustainable development II
Minisymposium organized by Matteo Giacomini, Simona Perotto and Gianluigi Rozza
Room: Rogaland (GF)
Chair: Simona Perotto
CoChair: Matteo Giacomini
An orientation-field based algorithm for free-form filament deposition
Varun Murugan, Gianluca Alaimo, Ferdinando Auricchio and Stefania Marconi

Towards an automatic optimization framework for performance oriented precast concrete design
Erik Tamsen and Jörg Unger

Stress minimization for lattice structures
Alex Ferrer, Grégoire Allaire and Perle Geoffroy

Topology optimization of nonlinear structures in industrial context
Grégoire Allaire, Jeet Desai and François Jouve

A computational design pipeline of 3D discrete-element assemblies in architecture
Gene Ting-Chun Kao, Francesco Ranaudo, Antonino Iannuzzo, Stelian Coros, Tom Van Mele and Philippe Block

Geomiso ISA: a hybrid software for isogeometric analysis with plate elements and advanced spline techniques
Panagiotis Karakitsios, Konstantinos Gogos and Konstantinos Mprellas

Automatic CAD Reconstruction for a Seamless Integration of CAE and Design
Roxana Pohlmann, Sebastian Hube and Stefanie Elgeti