06 June 2022    14:00 - 16:00   Add
Biological fluid mechanics: modeling, simulation, and analysis II
Minisymposium organized by Boyce Griffith, Sookkyung Lim and Sarah Olson
Room: Sør – Norge (GF)
Chair: Sook Lim
Strain stiffening of Salmonella flagella measured by flow-induced deformations
Hossein Moghmifam, Jamel Ali, Min Jun Kim and Henry C. Fu

Models and simulations of micro-swimmer motion in complex confinement
Enkeleida Lushi

Simulated motility of a bilophotrichous bacterium
Henry Shum and Vahid Nourian

Experimental investigation of flow through deformable bodies under physiological condition
Mateusz Mesek, Aleksander Sinek, Marek Rojczyk, Jan Juszczyk, Wojciech Adamczyk, Ziemowit Ostrowski and Ryszard Białecki

On the influence of natural curvature on the reconfiguration of thin submerged biological structures
Alessandro Nitti and Marco D. de Tullio

Dynamics of membrane growth and form
Thomas Fai