7/6/22    11:00 - 13:00
Advances in structure-preserving methods and applications II  
Minisymposium organized by Joubine Aghili and Francesco Bonaldi
Room: Buskerud (1F)
Chair: Joubine Aghili
CoChair: Francesco Bonaldi
H 1 -conforming finite element cochain complexes n cartesian meshes
Francesca Bonizzoni and Guido Kanschat

Hamiltonian models of the macroscopic Maxwell equations: continuous and discrete
William Barham, Philip J. Morrison and Eric Sonnendrücker

Structure-preserving time integration of constrained thermomechanical systems based on the GENERIC formalism
Vanessa Valdes y Beck and Peter Betsch

A new segregated-explicit staggered scheme for lagrangian hydrodynamics
Nicolas Therme

Conservative and consistent iterative methods
Viktor Linders and Philipp Birken

Mixed finite element formulations and energy-momentum time integrators for thermo-viscoelastic gradient-based fiber-reinforced continua
Julian Dietzsch, Michael Groß and Iniyan Kalaimani