09 June 2022    16:30 - 18:30   Add
Advances in solution strategies for physical processes in porous media with complex geometries II
Minisymposium organized by Alessio Fumagalli, Elyes Ahmed and Michele Starnoni
Room: Rogaland (GF)
Chair: Alessio Fumagalli
CoChair: Elyes Ahmed
A non-conforming and a conforming approach for non stationary flow simulations in DFMs with complex geometries
Stefano Berrone, Andrea Borio, Alessandro D‘Auria, Stefano Scialò and Fabio Vicini

Simulation and UQ of mineral reactions in the presence of fractures
Michele Botti, Alessio Fumagalli and Anna Scotti

Contact mechanics and fracture flow: A stabilized formulation and a scalable preconditioning framework
Andrea Franceschini, Laura Gazzola and Massimiliano Ferronato

A comparison of different time integration schemes in the context of image-based NMR relaxation simulations using explicit FEM
Luiz F. Bez, Ricardo Leiderman and André M. B. Pereira

Using MRST for modeling and optimization of operational strategies for a geothermal storage plant in Asker, Norway
Odd Andersen, Øystein Klemetsdal, Halvor Nilsen, Olav Møyner, Stein Krogstad and Robbert van der Ven