6/6/22    14:00 - 16:00
Advanced Techniques for Coupled Problems II  
Minisymposium organized by Markus Bause and Florin Adrian Radu
Room: B1 – 2
Chair: Markus Bause
CoChair: Florin A. Radu
Least-Squares and DPG approximation of eigenvalue associated to coupled problems
Fleurianne Bertrand

Hybridized discontinuous Galerkin/hybrid mixed discretizations for multiple network poroelasticity
Johannes Krause, Philip L. Lederer, Maria Lymbery, Kevin Oshues and Joachim Schöberl

A multirate-in-time framework for coupled transport and flow with goal-oriented space-time adaptivity
Marius P. Bruchhäuser, Uwe Köcher and Markus Bause

A Study of FEM/DEM Coupled Solution of Triaxial Test: An Experimental Validation
Amir Atrian, Lars Radtke, Maksym Dosta and Alexander Düster

Speeding up convergence for a coupled dynamic multi-field model for anisotropic porous materials
Nico De Marchi, Giovanna Xotta, Massimiliano Ferronato and Valentina Salomoni