7/6/22    16:30 - 18:30
Advanced Large-Eddy Simulation-based techniques for complex turbulent flows II  
Minisymposium organized by F.Xavier Trias, Alexey Duben and Roel Verstappen
Room: Lounge A2
Chair: F.Xavier Trias
On the assessment of wall-modeled LES strategies for the CRM-HL
O Lehmkuhl, S Gomez and A. Lozano-Duran

Wall-modelled les of boundary layer separation from a smooth ramp
Timofey Mukha and Philipp Schlatter

Large-eddy simulations of turbulent compressible supersonic jet flows using discontinuous Galerkin methods
Diego F. Abreu, Carlos Junqueira-Junior, Eron T. V. Dauricio and Joćo Luiz F. Azevedo

Towards proper subgrid-scale model for jet aerodynamics and aeroacoustics
Alexey P. Duben, Jesus Ruano, F. Xavier Trias and Andrey V. Gorobets

Towards efficient prediction of near-wall transition in scale-resolving simulations
Eike Tangermann and Markus Klein