09 June 2022    16:30 - 18:30   Add
Advanced HPC algorithms for large-scale simulations II
Minisymposium organized by Xavier Álvarez-Farré, F. Xavier Trias, Andrey Gorobets and Takayuki Aoki
Room: Lounge A2
Chair: Xavier Álvarez Farré
Highly parallel multi-level preconditioners for incompressible flow problems
Sven Baars, Alexander Heinlein, Jonas Thies and Fred W. Wubs

A Parallel Solver for CFD based on the Alternating Anderson-Richardson Method
Li Juan Chan, Simão Marques and Nicholas Hills

Role of rounding in implementing gradient descent with low-precision representation
Lu Xia, Stefano Massei, Michiel Hochstenbach and Barry Koren

Efficient strategies for solving the variable Poisson equation with large contrasts in the coefficients
Àdel Alsalti-Baldellou, Xavier Álvarez-Farré, Andrey Gorobets and F. Xavier Trias

Non-Statistical Uncertainty Quantification Analysis with Parallel CAE Solvers, ADVENTURE
Shinobu Yoshimura, Sota Goto, Shigeki Kaneko and Amane Takei