9/6/22    11:00 - 13:00
Robust and reliable numerical methods in poromechanics I  
Minisymposium organized by Fleurianne Bertrand and Jakub Both
Room: A1 – 6
Chair: Fleurianne Bertrand
CoChair: Jakub Both
A posteriori error estimates by weakly symmetric stress reconstruction for the Biot problem
Gerhard Starke and Fleurianne Bertrand

Robust discretizations for the biphasic Theory of Porous Media
Maximilian Brodbeck, Fleurianne Bertrand and Tim Ricken

Polytopal nonconforming discretization methods for multiple-network poroelasticity and thermo-poroelasticity
Paola F. Antonietti, Stefano Bonetti, Michele Botti and Daniele A. Di Pietro

On space-time finite element approximations of the dynamic biot system
Markus Bause, Uwe Köcher and Florin A. Radu

Coupling of flow and mechanics in fractured porous media
Kundan Kumar

A global/local approach for parameter estimation in phase-field fracture problems
Amirreza Khodadadian, Nima Noii, Maryam Parvizi and Thomas Wick